The US Today

  The US today- let come what may,
Crime is on the rise but hey;
 That's okay.
Where violence is just
a form of free speech,
Where convicted felons
are classified celebrities,
Where you tolerate me and
I'll tolerate you,
Where nothing is wrong
where anything will do,
Where the good old values
that use to apply,

 are lost in a legacy
for both you and I.
Where sex is open,

 and presidents cheat 
on their wives,
Where people are boisterous,
  demanding their rights.
Where step families rule, and
drugs a life style we heed,
Where Wall Streets Ivan Boesky,

once shouted out-
'Here's to greed.'
Where such an inventory of idea's
has society so diverse,
no one set of values for anyone works.
Where some sacrifice their families
for that materialistic crown,
beating themselves into a life
that is loveless less sound.
Where what we've achieved
  is called normal today,
where rights become wrong,

It's all good,
 You have a nice day!