Daddy in 1953
Me & Dad

Where are your big hands daddy? So skilled and miserably taught. You held seven tiny ones in them and cherished each one you brought, You stood so tall and strong at once like a snow capped mountain stood, you fought and worked hard all your life for what you thought was good. Til one day death made it's repeated unwelcome claim, into our family once again but now for you it came. I sit often daddy pondering over thoughts of you an mom of days when i was growing up i tearfully recall. I sit on this chair in deepest thought imagining you here to sit and look to God and read his word to comfort me a bit. Where are your big hands daddy? I continually picture there and the memories of you never tire as I sit here in my chair. I remember too the dreams you had how you worked and bought that house for mom, she was so tickled you owned a home with that beautiful green grass lawn. I thought those days would never cease that all in life was true, the dreams you had, your wishes daddy, I wished them all for you. As i go through my life without seeing you again, i never will forget you daddy, you and your big hands. And the memories well they will never fade nor from me ever part but always dwell deep within the depths of my broken heart. 
 "I will always love you Dad"
 In Memory of  John J.Hamilton