My Beautiful Mother

Amid this world there is no other i love so dear as my beautiful mother. It seemed to me an endless time that she would be here to see me through life. But one winters day while rain was our guest in unconscious slumber she fell into rest, all of forever in pain i moaned, a pain my seared heart had never known. Childhood hours from her siblings were taken and from sheer sorrow I could not be awaken. All of earth’s flowers drooped in sadness from the depths of my soul ushered anger and madness. I roamed day to day bound for no place when it hit me she's gone and I fell upon my face. Horrible throbbing and pain in my head, sighing and sobbing my mother is dead. In my gloomy room I slept nevermore without fear I'd never see her all the nights that first year.  I regained some strength and became somewhat brave and i set my sights to face her name on a grave. Swiftly my knees bent in an instant i fell, my eyes heavy with tears began to swell. I knelt with my face to the ground where she lay, uncontrollably i cried and wanted by her to stay. I’ve only memories now left for a time so in her behalf i have written this rhyme. Somehow I feel comfort in the faith she displayed and how in many ways she was truly brave. For this I was glad that I cry in her place, so the death of her child she never will face. There has never been nor ever will be where i fail to recall what she meant to me. Learning love as baby at her breast until the day came when she was taken in death.  I cannot gain her loss and will always regret. the one i love and miss as no other, who nobly bears alone the name of my mother.
 In Memory of: Ramona Jane Hamilton 1933-1979 "I love you Mom"....many many tears. "Our family was never the same especially Daddy and he died with a broken heart".